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yuukone reimagined

first one piece precision tapered shaft

rapid release and more accuracy

TWIG YUKON - excellence achieved

Our team has spent the last 2 years working on the most precise mid-kick twig to hit the market. With the true one-piece construction, 18K ultra high MSI Carbon fiber, not only are you getting a very high end twig, but you are getting better puck feel and responsiveness. 

Even better, this is the only stick on the market that offers a true mid-kick for JR sticks at 45-50 flex so those younger players that have mastered their shot can even have more precise snap shots or one-timers that match elite level professionals. 

Ask our customer service team for more info.

Our YUUK ONE twig is one of the most versatile sticks on the market today. From 35 Flex to 102 Flex, this 100% ultra high MSI Carbon stick has been designed to be the stick for every player.

Ask our customer service team for more info.